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A sampling of a few of our finished products around the web.

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Contemplative Creative is an audio podcast (delivered through a website and RSS feed) that tackles the deeper philosophical issues of living in a dynamic modern world. The goal is to uncover insights so that we can each choose to live more intentional lives with meaning.

"Contemplative Creative has mastered the craft of brevity - offering transformational wisdom in a comprehensive and enjoyable format. This podcast will super charge your brain in under 20 minutes. Whether you want to connect with creative, broaden your perspectives, cultivate wisdom, or just find respite from the realms of intense activity - this podcast will be of benefit. It has been the greatest impetus for positive change in my life."

-Lindsay M.

Contemplative Creative Website

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A custom website for Adrienne Shum, yoga instructor, to connect with new and existing clients - through blog posts, e-mail newsletters, livestreams, online courses, and more. The result is a media-rich brand that shows Adrienne's personality and what her work offers.

"Right away I had compliments from new students about how they loved my website and increased inquiries about private consultations and workshops. Thanks to David's hard work and talent, I have a beautiful online presence to showcase my work and personality, making it easier to share what I do with more people."

-Adrienne S.

Adrienne's Website

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As a visual storyteller, David Quiring weaves together stunning photography with captivating words, drawing the viewer into the narrative. To showcase his in-depth photo essays in a documentary journalistic style, his customized website is a unique digital canvas that portrays his art and vision.

An interactive map of the world is the gateway into his portfolio that showcases his images and writing as long-form projects. Further, this hub points outward and indexes his external work: image licensing through the Offset agency, published articles with various international print and digital media organizations, podcast appearances, and products coming out of his own print shop. This digital home also serves to centralize the direct relationship he has with his audience (primarily through his "Field Notes" newsletter and Instagram).

David's Website


Extending functionality to fit your needs.

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Fujifilm Toolkit - Adobe Lightroom Classic Plugin

A plugin to bridge the metadata gap between Fujifilm cameras and Adobe Lightroom Classic. Load in-camera star ratings, chosen film simulations, running shutter count, and more into a Lightroom catalog with ease.

Fujifilm Toolkit is free to try. Unlicensed, the full functionality is available – except that it will only work on one image at a time.

This plugin was written in the LUA language, with a validation system developed to provide a web service that verifies payment/registration to unlock its full features.

Fujifilm Toolkit Website


Tools for you to use as you see fit.

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Idea Spark - iOS App

Idea Spark is a tool for sparking your creative fire. Photographers, authors, painters, cooks...all of us sometimes get stuck coming up with new ideas. As with most things in life, the hardest part is getting started. That's where this app comes in: the short phrases you generate are seeds for your own creative interpretation and exploration.

Hand-drawn illustrations are coupled with a clean and simple design coded to dynamically scale in order to look good on any device, meaning that the Idea Spark app doesn't look like all the others. This app embodies the very thing that it aims to inspire within you: something unique and individual in a world where much is the same.

The interface is really easy to use; will be great to kick start my brain when I'm creatively stuck. The phrase approach to the idea suggestions add a lot of depth."

-Karen N.

Idea Spark Website

Our Services

We develop and market mobile applications, websites, and offer consultation services for your digital solutions.

Mobile applications

Your phone is not just a phone anymore, but a hub for all things you. With so many uses packed into one little rectangle, it is easy to accumulate digital clutter - that is why all Creative Little mobile applications are focused on convenience, affordability, and most importantly, practicality.


These days your web presence is often your first impression on your audience. Whether designing a website from the ground up or building upon a popular framework like Wordpress, we work diligently to create a web presence that fits you and makes the best impression possible. Dynamic and intuitive websites (like this one!) look great on any device you might happen to view them on.

Social Media Strategy

Relationships are important. Social media is not merely a business strategy; it is a way to have an open dialog with your audience. Frank discussions with users of your service/product is the most efficient way to grow and evolve your vision. Reach for the stars!

Bleeding Edge

With a genuine fascination and excitement towards all things tech, we stay on top of emerging technologies and watch as they attempt to satisfy consumer needs. We are tuned in to the pulse of technology and here to offer valuable advice so your project has the best chance of success.

Custom Visuals

Images can convey a story more succinctly and effectively than words. With David Quiring's extensive background in photography and videography at your service, maximize the delivery of your message. A blend of custom design and stunning aesthetics will result in a product that captivates your audience.

Unique Content

We all have passions and interests outside of our main work, as well as a whole network of talented people that can be brought in to join the creation team. When designing for you, we work to deliver the whole package and will leverage our diverse expertises to create something altogether unique.

About Us

Quality over quantity in all ways, always.

It is our belief that to be good at one’s work, one has to be good at living. Here in our little corner of the internet we are well versed in both of these areas, always striving to learn and draw upon our homegrown talents in the work that we do. Yes we have the academic background as a foundation, but what we know goes a long ways beyond what is taught in the classroom.

Our goal is to continually strive for the perfect blend of function and aesthetic, resulting in a seamless experience for you and your audience to enjoy. To us you aren't just another client. You are unique and the work we do to represent you should be too.

In a nutshell, that's who we are. We'd love to hear a bit about you too. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries as you embark on your next project.


Let's get to know each other.