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Idea Spark  is  was an iOS app that will ignite your creative fire to get you started on your next project.


May 2024: After a decade of development, the decision was made to retire this app due to a proliferation of AI tools rendering it less useful than originally designed. Everyone who purchased it will continue to have access, but it is no longer available for sale.

Thank you to the community who supported it over the years. May you find continued creativity for all of your days and light up the world that you touch.


Idea Spark  is  was an idea generation tool for sparking your creative fire. Photographers, authors, painters, cooks...all of us sometimes get stuck coming up with new ideas. As with most things in life, the hardest part is getting started. That's where this app comes in: the short phrases you generate are seeds for your own creative interpretation and exploration.

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Everyone is creative, not just those of us who call ourselves "artists." Whether you are exploring a medium for the first time or looking to shift your experienced perspective a bit, this app is a tool available for you to come back to, again and again.

With 85,000+ unique ideas, Idea Spark will ignite your creative fire to get you started on your next project. Generate ideas at random or, if you have an idea but need to hone your focus, customize the experience by choosing one of the available themes and/or contexts. From people and emotions to nature and light, Idea Spark will help you zero in on just the idea for you.

Favorite features:

  • 85,000+ unique ideas (and growing!).
  • Use filters to customize the idea generation algorithm by theme and/or context.
  • No internet connection required - spark an idea in the middle of nowhere if ever you need!
  • The Idea Spark app is universal! Just one purchase and you can use it on your shiny new iPhone and iPad, or any other iOS device you might have lying around.
  • Hand drawn, notepad-esque design.
  • Helpful tips:

  • Doing a 365 project? Consider setting a theme in the Filters panel and exploring different, but related, ideas over a stretch of time.
  • Imagining a character to fit into your new book, but are experiencing writer's block? Try generating different emotions in the context of people:
  • eg: "A child who is delirious"
  • Stumped for inspiration on what to make for dinner? There's a "food" context for just that. Pair that with the "perception" theme and all sorts of meal ideas will start rolling through your mind:
  • eg: "A taste that is quiet"


    We considered making a glossy, trendy marketing video for you...but only for a moment. Instead, we thought it would be more useful to let the app speak for itself by showing you a video of its basic workflow. After all, usability is what makes something useful!


    Hand drawn illustrations are coupled with a clean and simple design, meaning that the Idea Spark app doesn't look like all the others. This design embodies the very thing this app aims to inspire within you: to create something unique and individual in a world where much is the same.

    Screnshot #1

    Begin by getting oriented; consider this the Orientation 101 class for Idea Spark.

    Screnshot #2

    Generate a fresh idea. If it tickles your fancy, go with it. Otherwise: try, try again.

    Screnshot #3

    Customize by limiting ideas to themes and/or contexts to get what you need!

    Screnshot #4

    Current ideas, history, even some statistics...always just a tap away. Always.

    Screnshot #5

    Stay organized and take notes: your future self will thank you.


    Support is now closed for this app.

    Privacy Policy

    We do not collect, use, save, or have access to any of your personal data recorded in Idea Spark for iOS. Individual settings relating to the Idea Spark app are not personal and are stored only on your device.